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What is it?

An immersive experience lasting approx 75 mins where you will be transported through time and space to the original locations at the time of creation of some of the worlds most iconic cocktails

Is there anywhere nearby to drink or eat before or after?

I’m glad you asked because we Cocktail Time Machine is in the Timeless Bar & Kitchen (it is CASHLESS) which we have opened at the same time so technically you could have a whole day and evening with us in there indulging on our celebration of 100 years of cocktails and some amazing food created by a MasterChef (Louisa Ellis), oh and it’s happy hour every hour!!

What if I don’t like the cocktails on offer but would like to experience it?

Then come along and let us know on your arrival so we can accommodate you

I have allergies?

Let us know before you arrive so we can be prepared for you but please do still come so we can entertain you

I don’t drinks alcohol but would like to come?

Time Travel isn’t just for alcoholics, let us know on your arrival and we’ll ensure there is something delicious waiting for you.

But I still don’t understand what it is?

We’re literally taking you through a journey of different locations in our Time Machine.- it’s not real but we have built sets and have actors pretending to be the creators of the cocktails we have chosen. We added in a twist to the journey too just for fun that means you have 20 minutes in each location to get to the next!

How do I ensure my friends and I get on the same time?

Book together as one group

Is there a dress code?

Yes, it’s Timeless! Which I guess means that there technically isn’t actually a dress code. You could dress from the past, present, future. Dress Code is up to you.

So it’s an immersive cocktail experience, so what actually happens again?

Look, there is an element of mystery to this because otherwise we’d be giving it all away and there would be no point in coming but trust us that we will entertain you with cocktails, a fun narrative and an evening of entertainment - if you don’t like any of those things, It may not be right for you.

Wow, tickets from £36 for 3 cocktails and the experience are you sure this is correct as it’s usually that or thereabouts for 3 cocktails alone in London - does it include food?

Yes it’s very reasonable isn’t it and no it doesn’t include food, however, upon departing Cocktail Time Machine you end up in Timeless Bar & Kitchen where Louisa Ellis has created an incredible menu so you can eat there - time travel does make you hungry so it’s perfect really 

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